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What is a Mooncusser?

A group of pirates that roamed along the shores of Cape May were called Mooncussers. These clever pirates would form a line of horses along the beach with lanterns tied from their saddles. 


On dark or moonless nights, ships heading to ports up and down the Delaware River would see the row of lights along the shore. Thinking it was a ship in distress, the ships heading to ports would try to come alongside to help, only to run a ground in the shallow water near the beach. 


The Mooncussers would launch small boats and row out to plunder the stranded ships. These land pirates earned the name "Mooncussers" because their clever plan couldn't be carried out on bright moonlit nights, so they cussed at the moon. 


Mooncussers roamed shorelines from the Carolinas to Main. Blackbeard and Captain Kidd were two pirates who are rumored to have buried treasure in the Cape May area.  

Our story

Located on Bree Zee Lee Yacht Basin, one of the largest family-owned marinas on the East Coast, Mooncussers is a fun, friendly bar that offers all your favorite drinks. We partner with food trucks to bring you a wide variety of food and top it off by hosting live music for the ultimate water-side experience. We also provide packaged goods to-go and our very own Mooncussers merchandise! We opened in August of 2021 and look forward to growing and making memories for many years to come. 

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